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Discover how to enjoy the classic comfort foods your family loves - delicious dishes that will satisfy your cravings and shrink your waistline without dieting or counting calories.

Look, losing weight is hard! Finding the right nutritional approach can be confusing... downright frustrating and extremely time consuming.

If you've ever had thoughts of quitting and giving up - I understand, I've been there myself.

With all the over hyped diet plans out there it's hard to know what and how you should be eating to look and feel your best.

That's why I'm SO EXCITED that we've found each other.

Today I'm going to share with you a realistic, non-restrictive, family-approved way of eating so that you can permanently lose the weight, feed your family without the fuss and enjoy a lifetime of health all while eating many of your favorite comfort foods.

You CAN and DESERVE to have the body of your dreams. It doesn't have to be complicated or restrictive.

If you're ready to kick the restrictive diet plans and tasteless, boring meals to the curb and want a new way of eating that will dazzle your taste buds, slim down your waistline, and get your family asking for seconds, then it's time to get excited because what you are about to discover on this page will transform the way you think about eating for fat loss.

But before I do, please allow me to introduce myself.


Hi I'm Courtney Rowsell, wife, a busy mom of two young children, and a foodie. Yes, full disclosure... I LOVE FOOD!

I am a clean eating foodie with a deeply rooted passion and creativity for transforming traditional 'diet foods' into culinary delights that satisfy the body and the taste buds. Not only have I mastered the art of making healthy food taste amazing but I've also discovered how to up the health and fat loss factor for many of the classic comfort foods you crave - like lasagna, shepherd's pie, mac & cheese, and even brownies.

You absolutely do not have to sacrifice flavour for health or weight loss.

BUT WAIT!!!..I didn't always believe that.

I honestly thought that if I ever wanted to see my abs I'd have to sacrifice one of life's biggest pleasures, tasty food. "Suck it up, princess!" was once my daily motto.

My journey to making healthy food taste great started back in 2006. Prior to having my babies, I was a competitive fitness model and earned my Pro Fitness Model title in 2008.

During my first year and a half of competing my diet consisted of plain chicken breast, brown rice, canned tuna, and rice cakes. Peanut butter was considered a treat and I covered most of my food with mustard for a little added flavor and forced it down. Yuck!!

I enjoyed creating a stage-ready physique but there was absolutely nothing enjoyable about the diet. It was flavorless, restrictive and boring, and it often led me to binge on more junk food in one sitting than any one person should be allowed to eat in their lifetime.

I managed to tolerate the competitor diet for the few weeks leading up to competition day, but I quickly learned that it was completely unrealistic and totally painful to eat this way for life. I was also scared of packing on the pounds after a competition like so many of my fellow competitors.

Plus, during this time I began coaching women who wanted to lose weight and it quickly became obvious that if I wanted to successfully help them shed the unwanted fat, avoid binge eating and develop a healthy relationship with food I needed to find a way to make 'diet' food taste amazing and transform unappetizing weight loss menus into scrumptious 'comfort food' meal plans.

So I began experimenting and what I discovered after endless hours in the kitchen, piles and piles of dirty dishes and more grocery store trips than I care to remember is that you can enjoy your food and get in great shape too.

Say bye, bye to plain chicken breast and dry rice cakes and hello to Chicken Pesto Pasta and Chewy Fudge Bars

pesto fudge

In 2009 I launched my first cookbook - Cooking Clean & Lean - which was a collection of the recipes I had created to survive my competition years and help some of my very first clients completely transform their bodies.


Over the years I have continued to tweak these recipes to support the needs of my client, in particular those with food allergies like gluten, wheat and dairy and of course my growing family.

In addition, since becoming a mother I needed meals that fueled the demands of busy motherhood, that were quick and easy to prepare and that supported my health and physique goals pre and post pregnancy.


Meals that the whole family could enjoy, and that I could feel proud serving and impressive enough to entertain dinner guests.

I was tired of reaching for multiple cookbooks to design my family's meal plans for the week. My dream was to create one complete cookbook that contained all the recipes anyone would ever need to whip up healthy, balanced, delicious meals for themselves and their family. Healthy snacks for the kids, fantastic dinners to entertain guests, and all of them filled with fat-burning ingredients designed to keep you fit and trim.

In December of 2014 I began a journey to transform my original cookbook into a beautiful collection of fat-burning family-friendly recipes.

I soon discovered something that shocked me about most of fat loss cookbooks on the market today

In fact, if you're someone who's been on a weight loss diet before and have used a variety of different fat loss cookbooks you likely already know that many of them don't work.

WHY? Well, here is what I've discovered to be the major pitfalls with most weight loss cook books.

5 Major Weight Loss Cookbook Pitfalls

Pitfall #1 - Eliminate Entire Food Groups

Many weight loss cookbooks eliminate entire food groups such as no-carb cooking or fat free cooking. This approach only reinforces that if you want to be successful on your weight loss journey you have to restrict what you eat. Restriction often leaves us feeling deprived, causing us to crave the "forbidden foods" and too often resulting in binge eating, leaving you feeling stuck in a vicious diet cycle.

Pitfall #2 - Use Unhealthy Ingredients

The second biggest problem is that these weight loss cookbooks use unhealthy ingredients like margarine, artificial sweeteners, and even SUGAR! These unhealthy ingredients not only encourage your body to store fat, but also but also dramatically (and negatively!) impact the quality of your health.

Pitfall #3 - Not Family-Friendly

The recipes in these weight loss cookbooks have not be tested on younger picky eaters , so you end up having to cook separate meals for the rest of your family or revert back to old unhealthy eating habits.

Pitfall #4 - Intimidating Ingredients & Complicated Directions

Many of today's weight loss cookbooks use unfamiliar and difficult to find ingredients, leaving you feeling defeated even before you start. They also include lengthy and complicated cooking instructions that are very intimidating, forcing you to spend hours in the kitchen each day.

Pitfall #5 - Tasteless and Boring

In an effort to make recipes healthy, the end result is often tasteless, bland and boring (not to mention embarrassing to serve). Most weight loss muffins are more like golf balls than melt-in-your-mouth treats, and their pancakes are as dry and flat as old shoe leather. You force yourself to eat because it's "healthy" for you.

Clean Comfort Cooking Succeeds Where Other Weight Loss Cookbooks Fail

Solution #1 - No Restrictions

Clean Comfort Fat Burning Recipes include foods from all food groups. There are no prohibited food groups, just natural, organic, unprocessed, wholesome ingredients.

Solution #2 - Familiar Foods You Already Love!

You do not have to give up your favorite comfort foods. You're going to discover a way to cook your favorite dishes without sacrificing flavour.

Solution #3 - Family Approved

You get to enjoy eating delicious and nutritious meals together so your kids won't have to ask "why aren't you eating the same thing as me, mommy?" Let's face it, that's not the relationship with food you want to be teaching your children.

Solution #4 - Ingredients your Grandmother Will Recognize

I'm originally from a very small fishing village and currently live on an island, so accessibility to certain foods can be a real challenge. Making the change to a better way of eating can be overwhelming enough. So the recipes in this book completely eliminate the stress of having to deal with complicated, hard-to-find ingredients.

Solution #5 - Instructions a 5 year old will understand.

These recipes are easy to follow, and they use basic cooking techniques that anyone can master. You'll get simple step-by-step instructions to make daily meal prep a breeze. Not only that, but it'll taste great, the first time you make it!

Solution #6 - Deliciously Satisfying & Nutritious

Your muffins will be fluffy, your meat juicy and your veggies will be full of flavour. The recipes in this cookbook will become meals that you will look forward to enjoying and even start to crave. Many of them you will return to again and again for years to come. I know this because so many of my clients have shared their family favorites with me and are quick to share which recipes have become their go-to dishes for family gatherings.

Solution #7 - Huge Variety

With over 200 recipes to try, you'll never be bored at mealtime again. With so much variety to keep your family satisfied - and your guests entertained - you'll be considered "top chef" by both family and friends.

Solution #8 - Plan and Prepare In Advance

You'll be glad to know that I included dozens of recipes that you can prepare in advance and re-fridgerate or freeze, so all you have to do is "heat-'em-up and eat-'em-up". Perfect grab & go breakfasts you can eat in the car, fast, high-energy snacks to toss in your purse and delicious, wholesome dinners for busy nights of driving your kids to and from activities.

It's time to hit the reset button on your health and learn a delicious and more
pleasurable way to finally lose the weight and feel great...

Clean Fat Burning
Comfort Cooking


A beautifully, inspiring blueprint to fueling yourself and your family with delicious wholesome nutrition.

Here's a Sneak Peak of what's inside this beautifully designed cookbook and healthy living guide

You won't find anything extreme or complicated here - just delicious, nutritious recipes that make losing weight tasty and enjoyable.

Here are just a few of the women who have enjoyed incredible weight loss success with these clean, delicious fat burning meals

She did this...       while eating that...       and now you can too!


I have always been intimidated by cook books. I thought that one's claiming they were healthy would be boring and everything would taste like cardboard. A friend of mine put me onto Love Yourself Lean and I am so thankful.

The recipes are so easy to follow and to my great surprise they are very tasty and filling. My family love the recipes I now create and I am encouraged to try new and exciting things. I enjoy cooking now and look forward to what I call "cook up Sunday's" as I prepare for the week ahead.

I am a healthier person as a result of my new lifestyle and this is thanks to the Love Yourself Lean recipes and philosophy. If you want to eat healthy and get control of your eating without food controlling you I encourage you to try Courtney's Clean Fat Burning Comfort Foods, you too will be happy that you did.


I am a busy woman. I work a full time 8-5 job; I am a full time mother of two children, a wife, a house cleaner, a cook, a chauffeur, a maid and whatever else is thrown at me on any given day. So eating clean was the last thing on my mind. I figured who has the time. But after purchasing Courtney's Clean Comfort Fat Burning Foods Cookbook, I realized how easy it was to eat clean for every meal of the day, with very little effort.

The step by step cookbook and the ease of finding all of the ingredients in my "little town's" one and only grocery store, has helped my family and myself become healthier than we have ever been. The best thing is I'm not cooking 3 different meals at a time, because my children love the real food recipe's as much as I do.

Plus with all of the choices for each meal, snacks and of course the best part desserts, we never run out of new dishes to try, and add to our meal plan for the week.

Thanks Courtney for helping me and my family become healthier. Your cookbook rocks!!!


Clean Comfort Fat Burning Foods has become the 'food bible' in our house! My husband and I love the convenience of having a cookbook that you can use every single day because we both love cooking but we always have a hard time finding healthy recipes.

Our family had to make clean eating a priority due to health issues. When we started using Courtney's ' Cookbook my youngest son said 'Mom, I am not eating that diet food' and I said 'Honey, you've been eating it for a week and didn't even realize it!'

Courtney has every meal time covered from breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinners and desserts....making it so easy to plan and prepare healthy meals for my family. Thank you Courtney....I didn't know eating clean could make you feel this good!

In addition to enjoying delicious and nutritious recipes, here's what you will learn from Coach Courtney's Clean Comfort Cooking:

  • 10 Clean Eating Principles - learn the "golden rules" to support your clean eating journey and the action steps you can take to help make eating clean an easy, life-long romance.
  • The BEST way to sweeten your food (using NO refined sugar) while still satisficing your sweet tooth with every bite
  • Which oils you should cook with - and which to avoid
  • How to cook with gluten-free grains - enjoy the comfort, without storing fat
  • Eliminate Portion Distortion - Learn what a proper serving size is so you can stop the obsessive calorie counting and weighing of food.
  • 5 Food Triggers that may be sabotaging your health and fat loss
  • Ultimate Clean Eating Grocery List - organized clean eating shopping list for headache-free trips to the grocery store
  • The Simple 80/20 Rule that will allow you to have your cake and eat it to
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Counting Calories - if you don't do it the right way, keeping track of calories can actually do more harm than good
  • Complete in season produce list. Learn what to eat and when from season to season.
  • The 'Dirty Dozen' ingredients to avoid and the 'Clean Fifteen' ingredients to include in your everyday meal plans

The Clean Comfort Foods Cookbook ($97 Value)


This is the cookbook that will forever change the way you think about dieting. Over 200 mouth-watering recipes and visually impressive food photography, this cookbook promises to satisfy your arousing hunger and help you achieve your leanest, healthiest and most energetic self.

Clean Comfort Foods will help you enjoy the cooking process from preparation to consumption with it's easy to follow instructions, simple ingredients, and low maintenance creations.

Also included is my personal "Clean Cooking Philosophy" to help you finally understand how to eat healthy and lose weight by always choosing the right food.

Whether your goal is to lose the last 10 pounds, your first 50 pounds or maintain a healthy weight, this cookbook is your go-to-guide to falling in love with your body, one tasty bite at a time.


Free Bonus Cookbook Gift #1

21 Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss ($27 Value)

Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-dense smoothies to support your health and weight loss journey.

Unleash the power of smoothies and achieve better health and faster weight loss success. Smoothies are not only a delicious, convenient, and fun way to drink your fruits and veggies, they also make a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast, refreshing snack or decadent dessert to help you lose weight and feel great without feeling deprived.

Unlike the sugar filled, high calorie smoothies from a popular smoothie bar, these smoothie recipes are nutrient dense and packed with powerful superfoods to make you feel amazing inside and out.

Enjoy tasty tantalizing fruit smoothies like, Apricot Mango Madness and Pineapple Passion, and creamy and chocolatey treats like Double Chocolate and Banana Java, or how about a delicious Deep Blue Sea Green Smoothie to detox your body and create glowing skin.

Whether you're looking for an energy boost, or to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthier way you'll be inspired to power up the blender!


Free Bonus Cookbook Gift #2

21 Guilt-Free Desserts ($27 Value)

Healthy, decant desserts low in calories, high in nutritional value.

From Strawberry Chocolate Truffles to Creamy Carrot Cake these crave-worthy dessert recipes will allow you to indulge that sweet tooth without deviating from your clean eating plan.

Sweet treats don't have to be sinful when you have these guilt-free dessert recipes


Free Bonus Cookbook Gift #3

12 Healthy Holiday Entertaining Menus & Recipes
($47 Value)

Whether you're planning a Thanksgiving Dinner, Sunday Family Brunch or Dinner for Your Special Love, I've got you covered. This Healthy Holiday Entertaining Guide is a collection of 12 Done-For-You Holiday Entertaining Menus for every occasion, complete with recipes. Choose one of the 12 set menus or mix and match to create the perfect menu to impress your guests.

Celebrate with the people you love and entertain with ease. Healthy and impressive can go hand-in-hand, with this collection of recipes including light cocktails, easy appetizers, delicious dinners and decadent desserts.

Okay, I'm Ready to Start Cooking CLEAN, Delicious Comfort Food!... How Much Does Family Friendly Clean Comfort Fat Burning Meals Cost?

You have the opportunity to enjoy the entire Clean Comfort Food package for the price of $9.


Try Clean, Delicious, Fat Burning Comfort Foods Risk Free for a full 60 days Experiment. Explore! Enjoy!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to feel 100% confident in your decision to purchase my Clean Fat Burning Comfort Foods Cookbook that I'm giving you a full 60 days for you to try these delicious recipes and to learn from the advice and valuable health and fat loss information contained in this cookbook or your money back guaranteed.

If you don't start seeing more beautiful, clearer skin, brighter eyes, gorgeous smile, boundless energy, less excess fat and a leaner body - if you don't start looking more beautiful than you've ever looked simply let me know within 60 days and I will refund you every penny of your purchase price. No Hassles! No Fine Print! No Hard Feelings! And you can even keep everything you have received.

I want to you to feel empowered by making an investment in yourself, because you deserve the body and health of your dreams.

All you have to do now is download the cookbook (plus all 3 bonus products) to your computer. Browse through each chapter, select a few recipes to try and start cooking and enjoying the easy to prepare, delicious meals I've created to help you get real results!

So be sure to pick up the ENTIRE Clean, Delicious Fat Burning Comfort Foods program during this special re-release cookbook celebration for only $9

From my kitchen to yours, kids ~ Coach Courtney

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Still Have Questions? These Answers Should Help...

Q: How do I know if this cookbook is right for me?

A: Clean Comfort Foods is a sustainable, low maintenance healthy cooking style designed to help you finally break free from stressful calorie counting and boring diets and finally achieve the body of your dreams permanently. You will eat and prepare foods that will make you look and feel fabulous and the best part'll actually enjoy eating.

Most dieters gain their lost weight back because their previous attempts were too restrictive and not realistic about maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle.

This cookbook was created based on the Love Yourself Lean philosophy which is what you eat is a true reflection of how you love and care for yourself. So making the investment of time to cook and eat clean, wholesome, natural foods that satisfy your appetite, without depriving yourself of foods that taste delicious and restricting your calorie intake to the point of starvation, is the key to living your best life in your best body.

So if you're 100% committed to self-care and ready to take action and never give-up on yourself, then you will achieve success! It works regardless of whether you want to lose weight, or maintain your current weight. You'll feel better than you ever have before . I guarantee it!


Q: How soon before I will start seeing RESULTS?

A: Each person will experience a different rate of weight loss, depending on your starting weight, genetics, the implementation of exercise and your level of commitment to consistency!

Your results are a direct reflection of your efforts. I'm sure you've heard the saying "what you put in is truly what you get out."

If you're 100% committed to the Love Yourself Lean lifestyle you will see results faster than you have in the past! Most people lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week; some people have experienced a weight loss of 12 pounds in their first week. Your weight loss will depend on your starting point. If you have a lot to lose you will lose weight faster. If you have the last 10 pounds to lose, you may lose five of those pounds in the first week!

80% of your weight loss success will depend on what goes into your mouth, so make better, loving, healthier food choices and your dream body will be yours!


Q: Is the Clean Comfort Foods Cookbook for women, men or both?

A: Regardless of your age, your gender, or your current weight, the Love Yourself Lean "Clean Comfort Foods" Cookbook will help you. As you cook and eat your way through this cookbook your body will respond by burning fat and helping you achieve and maintain your healthy weight. Males' and females' metabolisms are very similar, so following a program that focuses on keeping your metabolism on fire through frequent meals consisting of maximum fat burning foods that are clean, natural and unprocessed - your body will respond quicker and easier than you ever imagined.


Q: What if I don't have time to cook?

A: There are endless excuses that can hold you back from getting in the best shape of your life. After a decade of coaching clients, TIME has to be the #1 excuse to NOT achieving your healthy lifestyle goals. It seems we're busier now then we've ever been, so our attempts to eat right often take a backseat to our never ending to-do list.

The difference between those that succeed and those that don't. is that success happens when you "stop trying to make time.but rather TAKE time to care for yourself!"

The truth is if you want to be healthy, achieve the body of your dreams and have an abundance of energy, you MUST return to your kitchen and embrace good old-fashioned home cooking.

Rest assured you won't have to spend hours a day preparing your meals. I am committed to helping you get in and out of the kitchen fast, by designing recipes that are simple, easy to follow and offer plenty of options depending on your time commitments.

Trust me, nothing feels more empowering then the feeling of a fridge filled with delicious and healthy meals that you've prepared for yourself and your family.


Q: Will I have to prepare separate meals for my family?

A: No, neither you nor your family will feel like you're on a diet. All of the Clean Comfort Food recipes have been designed with families and entertaining in mind. You won't have to eat separate meals from your family or create two different sets of meals. Trust me - your partner or your family won't know the difference! My experience tells me they'll be asking for seconds.


Q: I don't know how to cook - will this program still work for me?

A: Food preparation is one of my passions, but this wasn't always the case. Just like you I didn't know the first thing about cooking. But I was committed to getting in the best shape of my life and I knew that in order to do that I needed to prepare my own food. So I took it one recipe, one meal at a time. In doing so I learned quick and easy tips to getting started, how to plan and prepare in advance, and the importance of easy to follow recipes, with non-intimidating instructions.

So I've done all the homework for you, and designed a simple, easy to follow cookbook that will guide you step-by-step to preparing delicious and nutritious meals that will turn your rudimentary cooking skills into kitchen magic.


Q: Do these recipes use hard-to-find ingredients?

A: One of the things that really frustrated me about almost every cookbook I've ever bought, was that they always seemed to include at least one or two ingredients I've never heard of. So this was a major factor when creating this cookbook.

As you start cooking these delicious meals you'll start to see that there is lots of overlap with ingredients and that your weekly grocery list will become almost the same every week (with the exception of an additional red pepper), yet you'll continue to enjoy lots of variety.


Q: What if someone in my family has special dietary needs?

A: Don't worry, I've got you covered! Anyone on a special diet will find plenty to love here. Many of these recipes feature vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free options.


Q: OK, but what if this program doesn't work for me?

A: Then all of it is absolutely FREE!

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Try Clean, Delicious, Fat Burning Comfort Foods Risk Free for a full 60 days Experiment. Explore! Enjoy!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to feel 100% confident in your decision to purchase my Clean Fat Burning Comfort Foods Cookbook that I'm giving you a full 60 days for you to try these delicious recipes and to learn from the advice and valuable health and fat loss information contained in this cookbook or your money back guaranteed.

If you don't start seeing more beautiful, clearer skin, brighter eyes, gorgeous smile, boundless energy, less excess fat and a leaner body - if you don't start looking more beautiful than you've ever looked simply let me know within 60 days and I will refund you every penny of your purchase price. No Hassles! No Fine Print! No Hard Feelings! And you can even keep everything you have received.